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author image by Powerbits | 0 Comments | 11/09/2017

Again some great new maps have been added to the POWERBITS GAMETEAM MIXED server:



  • Mode: Territory
  • Historical background:   The Vietnam War was the first conflict where U.S. forces had secure voice Communication equipment available at the tactical level. The National Security Agency ran a crash program to provide U.S. forces with a family of security equipment code named NESTOR, fielding 17,000 units initially. Eventually 30,000 units were produced. However limitations of the units, including poor voice quality, reduced range, annoying time delays and logistical support issues led to only one unit in ten being used. While many in the U.S. military believed that the Viet Cong and NVA would not be able to exploit insecure communications, interrogation of captured communication intelligence units showed they were able to understand the jargon and codes used in realtime and were often able to warn their side of impending U.S. actions


  • AUTHOR NOTES:  My own interpretation of the game Vietcong’s map Radio Relay.
    The VC are to attack and capture the radio station on top of the hill, starting from the previously US owned village south-west of the hill, the VC have to work their way up the hill, capturing the two outer objectives will make this feat easier!
    This is my very first map, and I expect there to be some critique, which will be greeted with open arms. Feedback will help get this map working better, so please so comment.
    Stay subscribed for updates
  • Author:WaffleTap


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