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discordsoldierWelcome! This page allows you to access our Discord server. In order to use our server and although you can login and register via your webbrowser, its better to download and install discord . It’s a free program that allows you to use a computer microphone to talk to other people over the internet. Communication with each other as a team is essential in having a great teamplay and be able to bond as a team!  If you can’t talk or have a bad microphone, then just come on Discord and mute yourself. You can always chat also…

Discord has also a mobile app for smartphones and other nice things, check all features here

Once you have installed discord you can connect to our discord server on the discord  treeview on this page  or connect to this link

We realy encourage you to install discord app ,available on google or apple store , on your smartphone as it has some social value to be in touch with your gamebuddies…

chatMake sure that your nickname is set in a  good format for example:

[ PBS] “your gamename” – “your first name” 

Note: the first time you connect to our discord server you have only access to the PUBLIC CHANNEL. A admin will check your name and give you a recruit status. With this you can join the other voice channels and have fun with the team. If you have a issue please contact us or place a remark on the forum.

  • Any time you are playing on any of our servers, you are expected to join a voice channel on Discord,
  • If you are unable to speak, mute your microphone.
  • Use English and if you have friends you speak a different language with, please use one of the available voice channels and vacate All Forces channel.
  • Always show your team player spirit and support the people who need help.
  • Be polite, let other people talk.
  • Do not clutter the voice channels with casual conversations and trolling while others are trying to play the game.
  • An admin has the right to mute you. The issue can be discussed after the session has ended.
  • You are allowed to use the music bots, only at permission of the people in your channel.
  • You are allowed to invite your friends over to our Discord.
  • Do not go full mute! (Mic and ears muted) . You are isolating yourself from the clan! Just go on a seperate channel if you like.

Do this and you will be a awesome gamebuddy and a kick ass player!


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