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In PBS , we like to organise a LAN party at least once a year. Its  a great opportunity to get to know the player behind the PC , to see each others beloved PC and to bond with a nice friendship. Depending on the game, a LAN is also great in technical terms of latency…

A  LAN party requires either a hub/switch, with enough ports to accommodate all the players, or if all the computers have Wi-Fi capability, an ad hoc network may be set up. This allows two or more computers to connect over a wireless connection, thereby eliminating the need for a wired network, a fair amount of power, and suitable surfaces for all the computers. Providing refreshments is often also a duty of the host, though guests are usually asked to contribute. In larger parties where participants may not all know each other personally, an entry fee may even be charged. Another tradition of some small groups is to purchase large amountsof fast food for consumption over many days. Many LAN participants will also bring food or drink to consume over the course of the party—though th
ey can be held at any hour, many LAN parties begin late in the evening and run through the next morning, making energy drinks a popular choice.

Here are some screenshots of the PBS LAN PARTY’s

This was a great meeting hosted by Olivier (Megalait) and his charming wife and great son. The PBS peeps where represented by Nuttynapster/Johan , Tankispanki/Danny , Sebastian/badthemadbat , Friek/Rik , Kempas/kevin , Marius/Marius, Cookiedude/wim

Oli realy has a great house for a Lan Party and he and his family realy made us feel right at home. Gaming was done from morning till deep an night but also some visits to local whinecellars where on our plan.  

The great thing about these meetings are ofcourse the people you see behind the pc, and that creates a good bond. Also wat can be appreciated is the fact that people over far edistances, with some over 1000km drive, came to the LAN out of respect and friendship..and that is something to treasure in a clan. 

In respect for Alain/Alamein, we made a little video, telling him we miss him and wishing him all the best.

It was very clear that Oli, rised the bar in a LAN and left us all with a satisfied feeling, driving back home. I am also sure that he had enough belgian beer for the coming weeks and the lan was the subject of our conversations in many online sessions to come.

Many thanks Olivier!


This time the game was probably one of the best Call of Duty Games every made: world at war aka COD5.  Great custom maps and  a great graphical looking game wich is still strong compared to current games. Also here we hosted our own COD server on one of the PC’s . After COD5,  they removed the servers and Battlefield Bad Company was encouraging PBS to make the step to the Battlefields. 

Astradti/Joeri hosted this time in his home and it was very nice. Peeps present where Jodemanne/Jo , Karpertjes/wim, Astradti/Joeri , powerbits/Frank  and also now also International presence from our Dutch friends Gekkocare , Avalon/Arian , etc..

Its also a nice addition of these Lan’s is too see wat kind of hard- and software people use and have a nice chat about it…

A nice greet and meet and again a nice succesfull LAN party.

This was the first LAN within PBS. It was a nice summer day where we did a BBQ combined with long hours of gaming. Good gaming, good food and some good drinks ofcourse.

The games at this time was Modern warfare (COD4) . The advantages of Call of Duty at this time where custom maps/mods and a LAN where you had a PC that was setup as a server. So this means very low latency for all players and complete control over the server…

The people present at this time where Henne/Henne, Astradti/Joeri, Jodemanne/Jo, Yarickos/Yarrick , Karpertjes/wim , Manny/Christophe, Mini Powerbits/Dean, Gunther,  Powerbits/Frank.

Its great to see the players behind the pc and friendships where made stronger. Some knew Powerbits because they where good clients of the online shop. But its nice to see some of those people back then are still playing in PBS these days (Jodemanne, Henne).

The LAN was to our satisfaction and its was the subject of discussions in many online sessions to come.


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