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We welcome all outside clans and organizations to play in wars and other activities with us to promote active competition. Everyone benefits from cooperation, as it helps each game sustain itself for the long term by developing a diverse and healthy society of competitors.

We will work to find an agreeable time to schedule your event. We expect that members of your organization will:

  • Act in a dignified manner and refrain from engaging in disorderly conduct
  • Be ready to start the event promptly at its scheduled time
  • Not participate in or tolerate any cheating or hacking,
  • Communicate clearly with us and to have a designated leader present
  • Focus on having an organized game with at least a minimal amount of strategic planning.

We hope that these basic expectations are reasonable for you and appreciate your cooperation

[PBS] have participated and played many games over the years since our inception in 2006. Currently, we are mainly involved in the games below:

The most reliable way to schedule a war with us is make a post on the “challenge us” board of our forum (registration required). When doing so, please make your own thread; don’t make a new request in an existing thread. Please specify clearly in the subject line the game that you play (since we play in multiple games), your organization’s name, and the date you would prefer to have the scrimmage.If you want to have any special or non-standard game rules, please explain clearly what they are.

We respectfully request that all scrimmages be organized well in advance whenever possible to allow the greatest amount of flexibility for our members to plan for these events in their real life schedules.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Your Clan and description
  • Your Clan’s website
  • Maps and modes
  • Number of people
  • Date and time (UTC or CET)
  • Server and password
  • Any other usefull information as you seem fit.

Enter this information on our forum by clicking on the button below and we will review your request and respond as soon as possible. Please remember to check back on your post later to see the reply.

Check our event calender below for all our planned events:


[PBS] have had the pleasure to join competitive gaming leagues in the past with professional video recordings and commentary!

ALL PBS Matches (Max People allowed)

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