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      Daddy Noob

      Hello all, I’m from Serbia, my real name is Čarni (Charnie), my Steam name is [PBSr] Daddy noob, my Discord name is Daddy noob, joining for Hell let lose game, playing different games from the beginning (first games), I’m actually 50 years old, well in November…

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      Hello and welcome, nice to meet you. One of the admins will be along soon to get you sorted. 🙂

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      Most welcome Čarni! More info will follow ASAP by our Head Admin Frank, so stay tuned! See you out there bud!

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      • Please change your Steam name in [PBSr] GAMENAME
      • Please add me on steam and join the PBSGAMETEAM group on Steam.
      • For your 1st setup, join our discord channel here and pls dont mute yourself!
      • Always join Discord when you play, and pls dont full mute yourself. Sometimes PBS people like to talk to you.
      • PLease use this forum and reach rank master sergeant
      • The admins will add a reserved slot in the server when it comes available
      • Note we also do great trainings and wars at volontary base, to know when this happens check our calendar and warpage.
      • There is a trial , to get to know eachother and then we will decide together if you want to be full member. At this time you will be a Private/recruit on discord and in the platoon.
      • Have a read and agree to the PBS GAMETEAM’s Rules of Engagement!

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      Welcome! 🙂

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