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Developer Briefing #59 – Purple Heart Lane!


    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing 59!

    This week we’re going to be sharing more of our next map, Purple Heart Lane, with you all.

    Purple Heart Lane will be arriving in Update 5 and launch with both Warfare and Offensive (USA) Modes!

    The Battleground

    Prepare to deploy to Highway N13, near to Carentan, France. This location earned its name from a brutal clash between US and German forces in June 1944.

    One confrontation in particular, now known as “Cole’s Charge” earned Highway N13 its nickname, Purple Heart Lane…

    Under a barrage of intense German artillery, Lt. Col. Robert G. Cole and his unit of 400 men charged the German position head-on. The Americans overran the Germans, but it came at a high price – the lives of 118 of Cole’s men.

    In Purple Heart Lane you will fight for control of the causeway and each of its four bridges. Get ready for a water-logged map with uneven terrain, new combat environments and an intense mix of short and longer range combat.

    Map Recon

    The bridges will be key strategic locations, particularly for map control.

    Armoured crews will need to work closely with infantry to ensure safe passage through choke points.

    Uneven terrain and abandoned fortifications will provide useful cover locations.

    Smart use of cover can lead to sneaky manoeuvres, even in enemy held territory.

    Flooded plains and bridge choke points – a new challenge awaits you.

    Seems like a strong location for a Garrison, wouldn’t you agree?

    Be aware, there’s more to this map than bridges and a causeway…

    A defensible location, or shooting fish in a barrel? You decide.

    Will the rivers and streams be a welcome ally, or a foe to your plans?

    Those Pillboxes could be very useful in the right hands!

    That wraps up our look at Purple Heart Lane, coming in Update 5!

    All going well, next week we’ll be looking to reveal our updated ‘Markers’ system and how it’ll bring a new strategic option to Units in Hell Let Loose.

    What do you think of our next map? Let us know in the comments!

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