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      With new people always joining, this post is to give a few basic tips on game play, that anyone else is welcome to add too.
      I expect this is covered in videos etc that may of been linked on here before, but the more places people can grab tips, the better.

      Defensive Garrisons:
      The example below shows the Axis pushing for the mid point at Ste Mere Eglise, but if the Allies take this point, any garrisons and outposts in grids E and F will be removed, with the exception of Recon outposts.
      As long as Axis place a garrison or outposts somewhere in the yellow area, they will not be removed when Allies take the mid. It is very important to have at least 1 garrion in this yellow zone as it’s the closest it can be placed to the front line, without being removed by the lose of mid.
      Without this, everyone would have to spawn from the next nearest garrison, which could be hundreds of metres further back, or in some cases, there are no others and everyone has to run from HQ again.

      Sector control:
      The image below also shows a green box, this highlights the grids that make up a sector for the cap point (Ste Mere Eglise). If you are inside this area, you are helping to cap the point, even without being in the black circle. I believe being in the sector counts as +1, while being in the circle is +2.
      Sometimes it can be better to have many in the sector, while artillery hits the black circle, though this only works if we have many people inside the sector.


      Node Placement:
      I see many people placing nodes in low resource areas, a lot of the time they simply use the supplies left over from placing a garrison.
      However, depending on where you place nodes, they can gain more points as shown in the pic below.
      Tactical placing is key too, simply placing them where a garrison is, will often mean they will be spotted, as the enemy will want to move on the garrison to take it down and in doing so, will also remove the node/s.
      Finding little hidden areas that most enemy traffic will not pass and also keeping a low profile while placing them, will help to keep them hidden. Avoid shooting that random enemy running across the field that has not even seen you. Doing so will only altert him your team is in that area and he could be back with the rest of his squad to hunt you, then find the nodes.

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      We should make it mandatory for all new players to read this. Yesterday I had a commander who was furious about not all the players were going into the circle of the cap point. We had a discussion about wether you have to be in the circle or if being inside the sector (4 squares) is enough. I was surprised this guy had a rank over 50 and did not have accurate game information.



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        I feel like this is an issue in HLL generally. The devs should add some type of forced tutorial as soon u launch the game the first time.

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