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New update coming around 11:00 GMT / 13:00 CET





  • Greatly reduced the collision size of Tank Shells (Shells should be less likely to explode on objects they should have otherwise passed by eg. shooting between a fence. More precise shots are now possible for Gunners eg. avoiding the turret mantlet and shooting directly into the turret)
  • Added the ability for the Gunner to aim precisely by reducing aim sensitivity using [SHIFT] (Default keybind)
  • Added a ‘Repairs in progress’ HUD indicator when being repaired
  • Adjusted shell projectiles to start from the base of the barrel to prevent shooting through objects
  • Colliding the barrel with an object will now obstruct the gunner’s view preventing the player from seeing through
  • Vehicle components now repair in the following order: Engine > Tracks > Turret > Hull



  • During overtime if the Attackers capturing progress reaches 0% the match will now end.
  • Critical/Downed players no longer block spawns.



  • Reduced the cost to build Repair Stations from 100 to 50
  • Reduced Bazooka ammo to 2 rockets
  • Improved the reliability of VOIP connection and the ability to reconnect using the reconnect feature
  • Holding [F] while bleeding will immediately equip a bandage and begin bandaging
  • Improved the reliability of Deploying weapons on objects



  • Extensive optimization pass on Stalingrad
  • Switched from a fixed streaming pool size to being based on a % of available VRAM across all maps
  • Continuous optimization pass on a large number of in-game assets (Far too many to list)
  • Reduced frame stutter occurring in Kursk and Carentan caused by PhysX



  • Display a vehicle’s component health to the player repairing the vehicle
  • Added a profanity filter to server names
  • Added a “Streamer Mode” which hides player name, garrison locations and server information from all HUD elements
  • FPS is now capped to 60 in the Main Menu to prevent 100% GPU usage
  • Separated Commander abilities from Text Chat (Abilities chat will fade after 20 seconds and can be toggled off in settings)
  • Certain keybinds are now displayed on the HUD while operating vehicles
  • Markers now display a timer on the Tactical Map
  • Aligned the HUD compass to the orientation of the Tactical Map



  • Soviet radio chatter swapped out for a soviet style morse code sound effect
  • Soviet victory theme added to the Main Menu playlist
  • Adjusted ambient audio on SMDM Offensive modes



  • Updated Mosin animations
  • Improved Kar98 bolting animation


Visual Improvements

  • Enabled Screen Space Reflections



  • [Fixed] The player may crash when joining a server



  • [Fixed] Many Kursk Warfare sector names are missing localization
  • [Fixed] The SMDM sector name “Winter’s Landing” is missing localization
  • [Fixed] Multiple instances of text missing localization


Server Administration

  • Improved server stability
  • [Fixed] Punish and Switch Team Now RCON commands do not work if the player is inside a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Sending multiple broadcast messages will cause flashing/starting mid sentence issues
  • [Fixed] Missing HUD keybindings in Admin Camera for Zoom In/Out and Camera Speed Adjustment
  • [Fixed] A long server message containing no character spaces will not scale properly on the deployment screen
  • [Fixed] A server message which has too many spaces at the start of a line will be scaled down to a very small font size
  • [Fixed] When aiming with Admin Camera at a friendly occupied vehicle “No Player Target” message is displayed
  • [Fixed] When aiming with Admin Camera at an enemy occupied vehicle there is no information about the player or vehicle displayed
  • [Fixed] Admin Camera Zoom In/Out functionality is inverted


Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Players are unable to deploy an MG on the level 3 German & Russian bunkers
  • [Fixed] The US truck’s glass is bulletproof
  • [Fixed] Tracers have incorrect orientation
  • [Fixed] US Outpost displays the incorrect shine effect
  • [Fixed] Players can bypass the Clan-Tag length limitation
  • [Fixed] Garrisons can be overrun by enemies in the critical state
  • [Fixed] Players in Recon Units on the Defending team in Offensive maps can spawn on Outposts in locked enemy territory, killing them
  • [Fixed] The player who places a constructible ghost receives no points for upgrading it
  • [Fixed] The PTRS-41 will always do carry over damage to the Hull when shooting the Turret of Light Tanks & Recon Vehicles
  • [Fixed] Throwing grenades with poor network conditions can cause the player to become unable to throw that type of grenade
  • [Fixed] Players using non-default fonts in their Steam Profile Name can have invisible names in game
  • [Fixed] A number of situations can cause the Text Chat window to automatically be closed
  • [Fixed] The German Medium tank does not receive damage when shot in the barrel with the Russian Medium tank’s AP shell at a certain area
  • [Fixed] Revive/Healing a teammate UI sometimes does not appear
  • [Fixed] Bullets may land on the ground when firing with pistols whilst toggling off the sprint and shooting
  • [Fixed] PTRS bullet produces no flyby SFX when passing the player
  • [Fixed] Shooting a specific spot behind the Hull MG of the T34 will not damage the Tank
  • [Fixed] Russian Recon Vehicle has Ricochet Functionality Enabled at the back wheels for German’s Light Tank AP rounds
  • [Fixed] Having the default key for “Scoreboard” changed and pressing the key during an text chat will open the Scoreboard
  • [Fixed] Having the default key for “Marking” changed and pressing the key during an open text chat will dismiss the chat window
  • [Fixed] The Commanders name is still visible on the in-game HUD when they leave the server whilst in-game
  • [Fixed] The Soviet Machine Gunner’s shoulders become misshapen when the player has deployed their MG while prone
  • [Fixed] Primary weapon has a vertical position after placing the russian satchel charge
  • [Fixed] The Russian Medic loadouts show a different number of Revive uses
  • [Fixed] Movement keybindings will not function while the map is open if they have been rebound to the arrow keys
  • [Fixed] The SFX slider does not alter the zone capturing gun shot sound effect
  • [Fixed] Incorrect hand animation when going prone holding binoculars
  • [Fixed] German Recon tank fails to take damage from US AT Mine when specific steps are taken.
  • [Fixed] Certain submenus within Options become off-set after entering the Gamepad submenu
  • [Fixed] There is no suppression from AP shells when standing next to the barrel of the heavy German tank 76mm
  • [Fixed] There is no suppression from AP shells when standing next to the barrel of the heavy US tank 76mm
  • [Fixed] Players receives 100 support points for AT gun instead of 50
  • [Fixed] The Field Manual page change sound is not controlled by the UI Volume slider
  • [Fixed] Climbing/Vaulting SFX are not controlled by the SFX Volume slider
  • [Fixed] Artillery muzzle / barrel smoke flickers and appears pixelated after firing
  • [Fixed] Certain DLC cosmetics display text stating they have an unlock level
  • [Fixed] Kursk & Stalingrad Maps are missing from the Field manual
  • [Fixed] The “Increase/Decrease Elevation” prompts in the Artillery Hint are reversed
  • [Fixed] The supply crates in the back of Supply truck have no bullet collision
  • [Fixed] The Engineer role does not gain support experience points when allies resupply their resupply boxes
  • [Fixed] The Player camera dips under the map when pressing spacebar while being revived
  • [Fixed] Selected loadout positions remain highlighted on all roles when clicked on one role
  • [Fixed] The AT Gun Ghost does not have any PFX/SFX when dismantled
  • [Fixed] Overlap issue when switching seats and turning the engine on/off at the same time in a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Missing visual indicator on the HUD that shows the progress and placement of the Small Ammunition box, Medical Supplies box and Explosive Ammo box
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency between the Barricade name when placing/dismantling it
  • [Fixed] When bandaging another player, performing a “Jump” action interrupts the healing but injured player’s heal progress bar does not reset
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency between the names of the Russian Medical Supplies Crate and Explosive Ammo box when an enemy player tries to dismantle the crates
  • [Fixed] The vote kick prompt flashes for a split second after ignoring it
  • [Fixed] Players who join the server while the game is in overtime don’t hear the ticking sound
  • [Fixed] Map hint only shows when closing the map instead of when it is opened
  • [Fixed] The initial welcome message is offset & moves independently when the player first launches the game
  • [Fixed] Dropping the Support Role ‘Supply Crate’ will not count towards the ‘Supplies Delivered’ personal statistic
  • [Fixed] “Proximity to vehicle” hint is not cleared when entering a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Chat box becomes stuck on screen and causes camera issues if open whilst deploying
  • [Fixed] The “Confirm” and “Back” Buttons will remain after clicking on it instead of the “Change Role” Button on the Deploy Screen
  • [Fixed] There is no ‘Quit’ or ‘Leave Server’ button on the end of game screen
  • [Fixed] The “Cancel” and “Change Role” buttons do not function while the player is deploying
  • [Fixed] There is no ‘Quit’ or ‘Leave Server’ button after pressing ESC on the ‘Personal Stats’ menu
  • [Fixed] The Personal Stats button will disappear from the Scoreboard if the player opens the Game Menu
  • [Fixed] The “Quit” and “Leave Server” buttons are missing from the Game Menu when in Killed in Action screen
  • [Fixed] Visually incorrect Loadout for officers if the player deploys and then selects a new loadout without pressing “Back”
  • [Fixed] Personal Stats UI button disappears at the end of a round after the XP and progression screen appears
  • [Fixed] The K98 can have the bolt cycled faster than normal
  • [Fixed] Ammo Depot only reloads GER Light Tank’s shells at a rate of ~1 round per second
  • [Fixed] There is a ripple effect in the scope of the Anti-Tank gun being caused by the smoke PFX when it is fired
  • [Fixed] Movement keybindings will not function while the map is open if they have been rebound to the arrow keys
  • [Fixed] Using Hold Crouch, entering Prone then releasing Crouch causes the player to stand
  • [Fixed] Russian Forward Garrisons, on Offensive maps where they are the defenders, use the US Garrison model
  • [Fixed] Incorrect texture on a sealed packet on the Soviet Garrison model
  • [Fixed] The Airhead may appear to float off the ground after it lands
  • [Fixed] Players are unable to attach Satchel Charges to the turret body of tanks
  • [Fixed] Russian Trucks windows flicker while inside smoke from smoke grenade.
  • [Fixed] Recon vehicle surveillance is only available at <150 meters
  • [Fixed] [TPP] The player does not crouch while performing the Crouch Sprint animation while holding a pistol
  • [Fixed] Artillery reload is cancelled when the gunner leaves their seat.
  • [Fixed] Applying new ‘Video’ setting after previously resetting to default causes newly applied settings to not retain after relaunching the title
  • [Fixed] The US helmet M1 with M44 Goggles has a noticeable LOD at a short-range
  • [Fixed] The US emblem is displayed on the Scoreboard on the Eastern-front maps in the Force Select screen
  • [Fixed] Other Units’ Outpost Icons are not greyed out when waiting to deploy on the Deployment Screen
  • [Fixed] The IS-1 cannon is incorrectly named on the HUD
  • [Fixed] The Options button in the game menu is always highlighted
  • [Fixed] Unselected filter buttons appear to be grayed-out when the user exits a server
  • [Fixed] There is repeated text present in the Barracks/Change Role menu for two US helmets
  • [Fixed] When the timer of the “Killed in Action” screen ends, the buttons on the Options Menu disappear
  • [Fixed] The Confirm button on the Change Role screen does not highlight yellow
  • [Fixed] The player cannot use the text chat temporarily if they begin typing a message during the respawn timer on the You Have Died screen.
  • [Fixed] Sector Resource types are shown on the map key
  • [Fixed] Firing the AT Gun triggers the “Vehicle Out of Ammo” hint
  • [Fixed] Marker Colouring is incorrect
  • [Fixed] Loadout equipment icon won’t remain updated after redeploy
  • [Fixed] Certain buttons disappear if player is pressing right mouse button on another role in ‘Change Role’ menu
  • [Fixed] Applying new ‘Video’ setting after previously resetting to default causes newly applied settings to not retain after relaunching the title
  • [Fixed] Artillery reload is cancelled when the gunner leaves their seat
  • [Fixed] Certain buttons disappear if player is pressing right mouse button on another role in ‘Change Role’ menu
  • [Fixed] Permanent and Temporary Ban prompt messages are displayed in German language
  • [Fixed] Player can clips underneath trucks and takes no vehicular damage from that position
  • [Fixed] The RDG-2 Smoke grenade is thrown as an over-arm throw when thrown under-arm
  • [Fixed] A transition animation is missing when players go from Crouch run to a Normal crouch
  • [Fixed] Marker Colouring is incorrect
  • [Fixed] Player gets locked into a deployment cycle when Garrison becomes overrun
  • [Fixed] The B key still performs melee action after being changed to another key
  • [Fixed] The Artillery Gun has incorrect bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Whilst prone, both frag and smoke grenades will occasionally clip through the terrain when tossed underhand



  • Improvements to multiple asset LoDs
  • [Fixed] Flickering issue present when FX Quality is set to High or Epic and Anti-Aliasing Method is set to FXAA or Disabled
  • [Fixed] Multiple instances of floating and misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Multiple assets with incorrect player collision
  • [Fixed] Player can get stuck in corner behind chimney
  • [Fixed] Players are able to enter certain closed house assets
  • [Fixed] Some terrain can be seen to change shape when the player enters ADS
  • [Fixed] The Defender’s top Forward Garrison is placed inside a destroyed wall
  • [Fixed] Multiple assets with incorrect player and bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Placeholder texture present on a specific jar asset
  • [Fixed] Multiple misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Smoke plume VFX in the distance will appear in front of certain Fire VFX
  • [Fixed] Player footsteps can’t be heard inside the 2 storey yellow house
  • [Fixed] Players may fail to deploy when deploying on Russian Mid HQ #3 on Stalingrad Offensive Ger
  • [Fixed] Players spawning in Middle HQ on the Soviet side may spawn ~1m in the air



  • [Fixed] Placeholder textures present on the windows of a green house asset near the German Mid HQ
  • [Fixed] Misaligned texture on a terrain asset
  • [Fixed] Misaligned texture in sector G3
  • [Fixed] The German team’s left Forward Garrison is completely underground


St Marie Du Mont

  • Improvements to multiple asset LoDs
  • [Fixed] A specific house asset with LOD issues
  • [Fixed] Invisible collision present above the Radio Tower structure
  • [Fixed] Multiple instances of floating and misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Odd ray of sunbeam visible in the sky
  • [Fixed] Defenders are unable to access the entirety of the first initial HQ strongpoints
  • [Fixed] Defenders can push until they reach attackers’ HQ if the first point is not captured
  • [Fixed] Players can access the roof of specific buildings
  • [Fixed] Vehicles have collision issues with multiple assets
  • [Fixed] Bushes throughout the map have a very dark LoD
  • [Fixed] There is a mud bank which has a bullet collision volume which is too tall


Hill 400

  • [Fixed] Rocks don’t trigger footstep or bullet impact VFX and SFX
  • [Fixed] US Transport truck is present on the Mid HQ before capturing the first point, when Top/Bot is the starting HQ
  • [Fixed] Vehicles have collision issues with multiple assets


Omaha Beach

  • [Fixed] Invisible collision present after jumping over a wall
  • [Fixed] Various assets are found floating above ground in Omaha
  • [Fixed] Both the German and US teams Top and Bottom vehicle roster spawns are swapped around
  • [Fixed] There is a table inside a building with the Garrison/Outpost shine effect applied to it



  • [Fixed] Draw Distance issues observed on multiple assets
  • [Fixed] There is a floating bush off of the right side of the map



  • [Fixed] The player doesn’t have collision with a specific tree asset


Known Key Issues

We have identified the following issues and have already applied a fix in the next update:

  • Sniper scope reticles can become misaligned with the scope during certain animations
  • The player hand animation is misaligned whilst adjusting the artillery angle
  • The US Spotter equipped with the “Assault Vest” is identical to the US Support “Assault
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