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HLL PBS vs PKKA : a very close 0-1


PBS are extremely proud to have given PKKA a good run for their skill. PKKA are regarded highly in the Hell Let Loose community as being a clan that works closely together and wins clan matches against their opponents regularly.

Considering this, PBS has only played 2 clan matches on Hell Let Loose and we’re extremely positive for the future of continuing to refine our strategy and our teamwork as our clan grows with such great members. Furthermore, we had to rely on 6 new reserves to fill in spaces of members who couldn’t make their assigned role.

All of this isn’t possible without the teamwork and regular training sessions that our teammates attend twice weekly. Thank you to the Squad Leaders, Artillery, Tank Commanders/Crew and our Commander Frank alongside and all our infantry on the battlefield – you’ve done so well.

We keep our heads high and our de-briefing was very positive with many members mentioning just how good that match was.

Thank you again to PKKA for that excellent match and we look forward to going head to head again in the near future!


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