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New BANNERLORD beta patch 28/3/2020

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      New Content

      • Siege game mode is enabled. You can play through the matchmaker.
      • Three new Siege maps:
        • Castle of fen Altai
        • Skala Landings
        • Baravenos Encirclement

      Notable Improvements and Fixes

      • New Region: Oceania (Custom Game Servers only for now)

      General Changes

      Gameplay Changes

      • Disabled dismounting when the player is near a wall or a barrier.

      Animation Changes

      • Weapon holding animation improvements.
      • Camel idle animations implemented.

      AI Changes

      • Shield Wall order improvements.
      • Added a horizontal error chance to ranged AI.

      Map Changes

      • Streets of Syllianon: Bug fixes

      User Interface Changes

      • Some Perk and Troop names and descriptions are rewritten.
      • Work in progress text is removed.
      • Disabled DEAD chat. Players can now see all chat messages from everyone in-game. *DEAD* identifier will still be shown but the player’s alive state won’t affect their message visibility.
      • Added EA Participant badges. Previous Beta badges (Beta 20-50-100-250 wins, Bug Hunter etc.) won’t be available to earn after the beta ends and EA starts.
      • Added an error feedback popup to facegen if the pasted body properties code is not usable.
      • Added splash screen video.
      • Removed “work in progress” layer from the game.
      • Hide crosshair while the player is inspecting the main agent.
      • Added sound cues to various UI Elements (popups, character creation etc.).
      • Removed non-valid “/help” and “/whisper” commands from chatlog.

      Network Changes

      • Various network communication-related fixes.

      Server and Lobby Changes

      • Server stability improvements.

      Troop / Faction / Equipment Balancing

      Equipment Balance Changes

      • Peasant Billhook damage lowered.

      Bug Fixes

      Gameplay Fixes

      • Fixed an animation issue that causes agents with equipped javelin and a shield not being able to run left properly.
      • Fixed a rare weapon spawning synchronisation error.

      Animation Fixes

      • Animation fixes for one-handed weapon overswings.
      • Animation fixes for two-handed weapon stance switching overhead attacks.
      • Animation fixes for shield positions and rotations.
      • Mount rearing animation sync problem is fixed.
      • Fixed the issue of dying by a throwing weapon can sometimes throw the body out of the map.
      • Fixed an issue with camel ragdolls.

      AI Fixes

      • Fixes for ranged formation behaviours.
      • Captain mode unresponsive screen is fixed.

      Art-Related Fixes

      • Spear models and texture issues are fixed.
      • Various armor fixes for clipping and skinning issues.
      • Mount harness visual glitch issues are fixed.
      • Legionary glove armor part clipping issue is fixed.
      • Fixed Druzhinnik Troop’s Horse barding visuals.
      • Fixed Spatha’s floating handguard.

      Engine Fixes

      • Fixed the issue of blurry characters on the Armory screen.
      • Fixed an issue regarding blood decals.

      User Interface Fixes

      • Fixed a bug that caused the game to download news item images endlessly.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the launcher to crash if it’s opened with no internet connection.
      • Fixed loading screen images getting stretched in non-16:9 ratio resolutions.
      • Fixed “string not found” error on muting players from the scoreboard.
      • Fixed crosshair hit-marker showing up twice.
      • Fixed loading window not opening incorrect time after a battle ends.

      Troop / Faction / Equipment Fixes

      • Warrior Improved Armor Perk armor value fixed.
      • Fixed Archer Militia’s equipment perks.
      • Fixed Vanguard Shield Perk replacing melee weapon.
      • Fixed Courser’s Menavlion Perk.

      Network Fixes

      • Mount reins are more stable with high ping or server spikes.

      Server & Lobby Fixes

      • Fixed a problem that resulted in longer wait times in matchmaking queues.

      Other Fixes

      • Fixed a crash that happens in the launcher.
      • Fixed a crash that happens when joining and leaving multiplayer games.
      • Fixed a crash that happens when joining an ongoing Team Deathmatch game.
      • Fixed a crash on Team Deathmatch caused by gold gain.
      • Fixed a crash when selecting a team in custom servers.

      Known Issues

      • Baravenos Encirclement: The ladder near the siege tower, makes you stop on the top of it (you jump to get off onto the battlements)
      • If a player reconnects to the place of a player who disconnected, their name will be displayed as the disconnected player’s name.
      • When a player who has been blocked gets bashed, that player gets stuck in a guard animation. It can be fixed by attacking.
      • If you have modifications installed, the game might not launch at all. Please remove the modification folders from the game directory to solve the issue
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