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How the Score Points Work

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      Hello all,

      I have been playing HLL for 216 hours now but i have not yet to understand how the score points work. For example i played one game where i was A/T and i had a combat score 800  something (one of my highest yet as an infantry squad member not a tank member) and i had killed 3-4 tanks, destroyed more than a handful of OPs and Garrys and a kill count of 55-60 enemies.

      I understand that playing as a tank member you will get more kills (usually) both on tanks and infantry and you will get a higher score. But i have seen some Assault classes or Auto Rifleman with some huge scores like 300 to 500. Either these people must have been Rambo all over the enemy or i must be counting something wrong or i kinda suck in the game.

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      This is what i have found about Combat Scoring but it is 9months old. I don’t know if you guys know this or if it is still the same because it has some things i did not knew.




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      Awesome topic! Saw such in a glance….good to have on our forum! Thanx bud!

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      Very interesting!

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