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Future game suggestion: Escape from Tarkov

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      Hey! I’m inquiring about how many PBS members have an interest about opening up a section for EFT.

      Since Tarkov is a teambased game and heavily encourages teamwork I was thinking that it could be a good game for the PBS community. If you have previous experience with Tarkov or if you are someone who wants to get into Tarkov and encourage this idea pls leave a comment on this post.

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      yes since a few mwmbers play it and more then the other games that have a voice chat


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      Best thing as i see it now is put a tarkov channel in all games subsection, you can use the other games text channel.

      If it grows then other actions will be needed and it would get its own channel. As it is in PBS, i do expect you guys to wear the PBS tags ofc.

      Good luck 🙂

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      Thank you Frank! Really appreciate it.

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      i play tarkov from time to time but not for long as the pure random hecticness puts me off, i wish the pmc’s of each faction worked more together as a team instead of a mass free for all of 4 man squads


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