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Developer Briefing #57 – 76mm Jumbo Variant, New Uniform ! Bringing out the bigger guns!


Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #57!

This week we’re revealing another tank variant, a new uniform for US forces and the date for our ‘Play with the Devs night’.

Let’s get stuck in!

A Jumbo Combo!

In last week’s Developer Briefing we confirmed that the first US heavy tank rolling out would be the 75mm ‘Cobra King’ Jumbo.

Ain’t she a beauty!

This week we’re happy to introduce the iconic 76mm Jumbo variant!

Knock Knock!

The 76mm ‘Nice and Easy’ will be fielded as the second variant of the US heavy tank, costing slightly more fuel than the 75mm Cobra King.

Which Jumbo should you choose?

The 75mm Jumbo will be slightly cheaper than its 76mm cousin and armed with rounds that produce more shrapnel when they detonate, making it more effective against infantry and soft targets.

The 76mm will be better against German tanks, particularly more heavily armoured ones.

Deploying the Jumbos

Upon the arrival of both the 75mm and 76mm Jumbos they will be applied to specific maps / battles. This will be further expanded upon as we figure out and settle on an appropriate lineup for each game mode and battle – if you have suggestions on this let us know, we’d love to hear what you think!

As we create and add more tanks and vehicles to Hell Let Loose we’ll be further tailoring the deployable lineup to be map specific. This will give the Commander the ability to choose which tanks to deploy when calling in armour reinforcements using fuel.

All going well both Jumbo variants will be rolling onto the battlefield in Update 5. This is not the last Sherman that we’ll be adding!

Airborne Uniform

Dropping into Update 5 will be a new, free high-level unlock for all infantry roles on the US side.

Say hello to the Airborne uniform!

These renders are a WIP and not final. Further passes will be made before release.

We will assess a possible implementation of airborne mechanics once several key features have been polished and introduced into Hell Let Loose.

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