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Developer Briefing #140 – Optimisation PTE, Creator Videos and DLC sneak peek!


Hey everyone,

Welcome to Dev Brief #140!

This week we’re sharing more on our upcoming optimisation efforts, including special focus being given to Stalingrad, a first look at some upcoming free customisation DLC and highlighting some cool Hell Let Loose content that caught the attention of the team.

Let’s get stuck in shall we!

PTE / U10 Optimisation Patch

In case you missed it, last week we talked briefly on optimisation and how we plan on tackling performance across the game, especially on Stalingrad. If you haven’t read this yet, you can check it out here ->

The main purpose of this week’s early Dev Brief is to kindly ask the community to jump into the PTE if at all possible. In addition, if you can pass the message on to those who may not keep an eye on the day to day communications, we would really appreciate it.

We will be aiming to have the PTE on

Thursday the 12th of August

, starting at approximately

4pm BST

. This will be later than the usual PTE start time, as we feel it will be easier for the community to fill the servers during this period. This will also mean it’s more suited for the different EU/US time-zones.

The focus of this PTE will be performance and optimization. We understand that this may not be as exciting as testing new content, but there is a benefit to the entire community if we get this tested. The sooner we get it tested at full capacity, the sooner we can deploy the patch. We prefer not to be in a situation where we have to patch again because we missed something crucial.

So please if you are available, consider helping us stress test the server & join us!

Once you have played, help the team by filling out the feedback form


Next Gen Console Beta for HLL

We also want to quickly mention and give the community a heads up that soon we will be running our first console Beta. If this interests you, please keep an eye out for communication on how to be a part of it.

If you or someone you know has a PlayStation 5, we would love for you to join the DEVs in being one of the first to try Hell Let Loose on next gen consoles.

We are very excited to test this with the community, and will follow up with further details on how to apply for the BETA in the next week or two.

We are curious to know how many of the community have a next gen console, so if you do please take a minute to fill out this quick poll.

Next Gen Console Poll

War Correspondent, Content Creator, Community HLL Videos

We will be highlighting more and more of the fantastic HLL content we are seeing on a daily basis. We highly recommend giving them a watch. Below are a few recent videos we enjoyed, and we will share a few every Dev Brief, or as often as we can. If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

Thanks to everyone involved in creating such entertaining material for the world to see:


AUTHENTIC WORLD WAR 2 COMBAT – Hell Let Loose Gameplay – FriendlyNikolai

Customisation Items

After seeing the community enjoying the limited Silver Vanguard DLC we showcased on the release of Version 1.0 we’ve taken a minute to sneak a preview of some of the future free cosmetics currently in the pipeline.

Like the other forces, the Soviets will receive a line-up of equivalent unlockable uniforms to celebrate newly acquired role levels. Check out the Ameba Winter Uniform and Ameba Camo Autumn uniforms below.

Ameba Winter Uniform –

Ameba Camo Autumn Uniform –

Hell Let Loose Community Fan Art or Screenshot Reminder – Extended

Submission by:

|||™ BimSekai

Submission by:


Showcase HLL in a creative way. This can be a sketch, drawing, painting, original screenshot or reworked screenshot that is instantly recognizable as Hell Let Loose.

Simply submit your linked art image, along with your Discord name and ID. Please make sure you are in the official Discord so we can contact you directly.

Join the Discord here.

We will be giving away a few HLL Keys, and

an exclusive helmet

to our favourite pieces. We will highlight this art across our channels and in the Discord.

This screenshot competition will run until Friday August 13th. So feel free to use the latest U10 Eastern Front content.

Please only ONE submission per person.

We look forward to seeing them – HLL Fan Art/ Screenshot submission form

That wraps up this week’s Dev Brief!

If you join us in the PTE, thank you! We really appreciate it!

See you on the frontline.

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