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Developer Briefing #136 – Soviet Rain via the Katyusha & Community Fan-art!


Hey everyone,

Welcome to Dev Brief #136!

This week Max has stopped by to give you an update on some changes coming to Offensive Mode in Update 10, introduce a community competition to win an exclusive helmet to use on the frontline and of course, delve into the Soviet Commander’s ace in the hole, the Katyusha Strike!

Let’s dive in shall we…

A Message From Max – Offensive Mode and Introducing the Katyusha Strike!

Hi everyone!

The team has been working extremely hard in the run up to Update 10. It’s been an enormous time for the whole studio as we work across optimisations, bug fixes and finalising all the new content with the introduction of the Eastern Front. We’re also in the process of putting together the next roadmap, which will detail all the development goals ahead.

Offensive Mode Changes

We’ve revisited Offensive Mode and made several changes to it in order to increase decisiveness and speed of the gamemode. Previously, Offensive mode could often drag on for more than two hours – feeling extremely grindy and endless, while also lacking decisive inflection points.

In an effort to address this, we reduced the cap points per row down to one – enabling both forces to better focus on each objective, while also giving defenders the ability to easily choose a sector to fortify.
The result has seen a drastic decrease in the average game length, while also making the mode one of the most tense – as defenders drastically attempt to sustain their positions while attackers try to break through the lines.


The Katyusha strike is the Soviet equivalent of the Bombing Run – a devastating and expensive area-of-effect Commander ability used for opening up holes in the line or saturating an area . Nicknamed “Stalin’s Organ”, the rocket strike was launched from truck mounted launchers – each of them firing 36 rockets into the target area.

The Katyusha strike is one of the first major ways that we’re starting to diversify the strengths and weaknesses of each of the forces in the game. Due to time constraints previously (and an effort to make sure we never left one side without a commensurate function), we often mirrored Commander abilities, vehicle rosters and weapon loadouts. With the introduction of the Soviets, you’ll start to see real difference across the teams as we push “asymmetrical balance”.

We also feel the Katyusha strike is something to hear and behold.

The GIF here doesn’t do this justice, but shows you a tease of what you are in for in U10!

A battery of Soviet Katyusha rockets firing in the Carpathian Mountains, 1944.



The ZIS-5 will be the primary transport and supply vehicle for the Soviets on the Eastern Front


Kursk – Tactical Map

For those who have not seen it yet, time to start planning your strategies!


Hell Let Loose Community Fan Art or Screenshot

We want to offer you an opportunity to show us your HLL fan art or best screenshot! We already have some very talented members in the community, so give it a go!

Showcase HLL in a creative way. This can be a sketch, drawing, painting, original screenshot or reworked screenshot that is instantly recognizable as Hell Let Loose.

Simply submit your linked art image, along with your Discord name and ID. Please make sure you are in the official Discord so we can contact you directly.

Join the Discord HERE.

We will be giving away a few HLL Keys, and an

exclusive helmet

to our favourite pieces. We will highlight this art across our channels and in the Discord.

This will run for approximately 2 weeks. So feel free to use the latest U10 Eastern Front content.

Please only ONE submission per person.

We look forward to seeing them!

HLL Fan Art/ Screenshot submission form HERE.

And that’s the Brief for today, have a great weekend everyone!

See you on the frontline!

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