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Developer Briefing #143 – Patch update, Staying Dry On The Eastern Front.


Hi everyone!

After a few weeks of rigorous PTE testing with a heavy focus on performance and optimisation we want to thank the community for your patience, support and feedback during this time.

We are currently doing our sign-off of our latest build, for the patch to be dropped within the next two weeks. Along with other bug fixing, we have seen some very promising performance increases across the board, but especially in Stalingrad where there is potential for more improvements.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of the community that took the time to join in the PTE environment and help us test. We are hopeful that you will all see the fruits of these efforts when the patch drops.

You may also have noticed that the Developer Briefings have been a little bit shorter the last few weeks, as we have been very busy working on Improvements for the upcoming patch. Moving forward we are excited to show and discuss in more detail some great new features and content for Hell Let Loose.

Touring Hell Let Loose – Over The Real Life settings

Although a lot of us lately have been confined to our homes or with very limited travel. It seems community members [1AD] -=Medusa=- NL and Xymox have managed to do some touring of the eastern front.

Their most recent creation of the ‘HLL Stalingrad Tour’ also incorporates period specific aerial photography to again enhance the similarities between the game environments and reality itself.
Take a look at these well made videos of some comparisons to the theatres depicted in Hell Let Loose and how they look in reality.

PS 5 Closed Beta Round Up

It has been a promising start to the PS5 Closed Beta testing this week. We are aware of the server issues and have prioritised major efforts on all fronts to rectify.

That aside, the gameplay feedback has been very positive from all those involved. Many people were very pleasantly surprised with Hell Let Loose on console and a lot have promised to continue helping on the testing front and also look at picking up the game on launch.

We are very humbled by such positive feedback and server issues aside, we will continue to look forward to making both the PC and Console products as best as they can be. A lot of people have been asking about Xbox and yes, we can confirm that a release on this platform is coming, you won’t be left out. Due to inhouse limitations however we have only been able to Beta test the client on the Playstation platform at the moment.

Sneak Peek: RA Cape Plash-Palatka – Poncho

The Soviet Plash-Palatka was a common means for all on the eastern front to stay dry during times of inclement weather during WW2. A simple design made from canvas, it could be utilised as a poncho, ground cover or even a small tent.

In 1791 the first variant of these actually came into use. Then later on they were modified in 1894 and finally in 1936 they came up with a finalized product.The Plash-Palatka has not really changed ever since. In WW2 the only change that was made to it was that in 1942 the colour scheme was in some cases altered to make them in camouflage.

The Soviet Plash-Palatka: Back

The Soviet Plash-Palatka: Front

The Soviet Plash-Palatka: Front

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos

Time for some more community highlights from the below creators. We highly recommend giving them a watch. If you see a Video you like make sure to post in the Discord #hll-videos channel.

Hell Let Loose – Invasion maps are BEAUTIFUL – Alpine Sniper

Hell Let Loose – Tiger Tank Crew Holds Flank – The Fresh Baked Goods

I’M CLOSE TO UNLOCK MY FAVORITE WEAPON – Hell Let Loose Gameplay – FriendlyNikolai

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